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03/11/2001 Entry: "Messy?"

OK, one additional test: How does the blog deal with embedded images? Oooh, that's bad. I'm going to have to get professional help for this one. What if they aren't in the text?

Hmmm, not much better. Wait, it's better with more text, bcause it gets pushed down. I'll see how much worse they are if I use a DIV.

Yikes! This works better in Netscape 4 than in Opera! That's a sure sign something's wrong.

Sure you need more candy, fatso?

*sigh.* It's all so complicated.

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Opera == doo doo

Posted by David @ 03/11/2001 01:35 AM PST

I'm coming to that conclusion myself, for a few reasons. But they all seem to bite my balls lately. Even the old "standby" Netscape 4.7 (he says as he quits and switches to Opera in order to post...).

Lynx. Lynx is the answer.

Posted by Casey @ 03/11/2001 02:47 PM PST

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