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03/15/2001 Entry: "Moaning and crying."

Lies, I tell you. I was a perfect little gentleman about it. No waterworks at all. I mean, there's no need to cry when you're the one holding the other person at knifepoint.

And so you know, Mr. Roommate, the URI has propagated, but feel free to bypass the Gay-Pride-Drag-Queen Enter button. I still need to change that.

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I don't want no steenkin' gay pride splash screen! I hunger for ass meats BITCH!

Posted by David @ 03/15/2001 05:28 PM PST

(Squish, Squish, Squish!)

Do this be for pickup or delivery?

Posted by Casey @ 03/15/2001 05:35 PM PST

OK, maybe it was Firm-coded (not hard) into the flash movie. But you should have known better.

"What have I ever asked you for?
Besides...the ability to READ MY MIND!!!
And I didn't get that either. (Yet.)"

Posted by Casey @ 03/16/2001 01:53 AM PST

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