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03/17/2001 Entry: "T...Timmy?"

The first half of this story is quite interesting. How much information do we put out into the world? How many people's lives can you conceivably comprehend a slice of at any one time? And as a personal publisher, how much of my life do I extend to the rest of the world, further complicating the sea of information out there?

Then it becomes an ad for Iomega and xDrive, or something. Because Yahoo News has to get paid. (Amusingly, the banner ad on the page was for the company I work for, though not one I made. Not quite sure what that implies, but I thought I'd mention it..)

(Link credit Jonno)

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yeah, i thought that second half of the article was kind of strange - but still, makes you realize that there's a lot of companies out there who are going to benefit from this data explosion whether we like it or not. (note to self: buy Iomega stock now!)

Posted by jonno @ 03/18/2001 07:12 PM PST

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