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04/03/2001 Entry: "Heavy Sigh."

Because slightly ill + tired + high libido the day before + work stress = depressive crash. Blargh. Dow, Schmow. My internal stock market is crashing today. Oh well. That just means it's time to buy...or, um...something. [Watching overextended metaphor fall apart.] Maybe I'll be in a better mood for dinner.

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what is this "high libido the day before" shit!?!? are you saying too much sex on the brain is MAKING you skip dinner plans tonight? nice priorities, bitch! =P

Posted by vera carp @ 04/03/2001 03:02 PM PST


Posted by didi snavely @ 04/03/2001 03:07 PM PST

I don't know about you, but after two DR's Classics my stocks generally suffer from an upturn...

Posted by Mad Mage @ 04/03/2001 03:10 PM PST

...damn it RR! Don't make me go to dinner with mama by myself. You KNOW how she throws food!

Posted by didi snavely @ 04/03/2001 03:13 PM PST

[perk] Margueritas from DR's? Nobody said nothin' about Margueritas before. Maybe I ain't quite done yet.

"Oh the yellow rose of Texas is the only flower for me....Hmmm -mmmm...(thock! Flutter.)..."

Posted by Aunt Pearl @ 04/03/2001 03:17 PM PST

I think what Stanley was trying to say was that the impure thoughts of the previous night are a bellweather of Satan on his doorstep. And now he's saddened and full of contrition. [Twisting his ear] RIGHT, Stanley? Say "yes mama". ("Ow! Yes Mama!")

Posted by Bertha Bumiller @ 04/03/2001 03:28 PM PST

Y'all ain't planning on eating any duck, are ya?

Posted by Petey Fisk @ 04/03/2001 04:17 PM PST

Besides, today is the first day of the new tricylce, coochie-coochie!

Posted by Silly Sorcerer @ 04/03/2001 04:20 PM PST

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