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04/05/2001 Entry: "U have nothing 2 loose but ur tungs!"

Memepool is sometimes frightening at echoing a daily theme. That's where they pointed out Freespeling.com (with one el). They do, by the way, also have "freespelling.com" (spelled correctly.)

Im just apauled.

Earlier today I was ranting about common errors in my workplace. We don't line up in cues; we don't go through a software Q&A process; Lost things may be loose, but that's their business and nothing we do ourselves, unless we've loosened them. And architects (noun) work on feats of architecture (also a noun). Though even I admit I have blocks with "separate" and "sentence," I also don't pronounce the word "subSEEquent".

I post so I can let it go. Please let me not be a freak about this, too.

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The list of English errors is great. I'll have to go back and see how many grammatical errors *I* make in my writing! Yes, some of them drive me crazy too.

Posted by chay @ 04/11/2001 07:15 AM PST

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