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04/11/2001 Entry: "Games!"

Still sick. Haven't had much energy for anything besides blowing my nose and occasionally reading the Web. So even if I haven't been playing games, I've been reading about them:

How to solve the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I never knew that the crossword was harder on different days and that Saturday's was ususally the hardest. Will Shortz rocks my world; sometimes we'll wake up with NPR on the weekend just to hear the Morning Edition Puzzle and then go back to bed...

The Adaptation Game at myvideogames.com worked nicely in with the recent slashdot poll. Some nice articles at myvideogames, even if I think their URL is kinda tragic, in a Register-it! kind of way. This stuff immediately made me think of Seanbaby's NES pages, which made my afternoon less gloomy.

Ok, and I've played a little bit of games online. But only because Meg mentioned it. I had to post it, since I had a slot car racing set as a kid, but no cockatoo to play against.

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