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04/16/2001 Entry: "You really ought to see 'em."

I finally went to the doctor and got medication. I finally met Dr. Do — who's name always reminded me of Mr. Do, so I expected he was going to cure me with a giant apple to the head — but I think from here on out I need to plan to go to his afternoon clinic.

See, I never picked Dr. Do. I picked doctors who were either closer to work or to my house. But my old doctor stopped seeing patients, and then my health provider issued me a new doctor. Then they stopped doing business in California, and Blue Cross kept me with the new doctor whom I'd never seen before and who I asked to change...for my convenience. I admit I was expecting the worst, since I had no say in the matter. So I called this morning for the first time, determined to kill this cough once and for all. The only appointment he could get me was a walk-in for this morning.

The doctor's morning appointments, however, are out at a primarily Vietnamese clinic in the Richmond — the very opposite site of the city from where I work and quite a taxi fare. The clinic itself was built for people shorter than I am, and being such a small space to begin with, it was pretty cramped too. I had to stoop to look into the window at the receptionist's desk. Plus since this is San Francisco, nothing's level, so it ended up being a very funhouse mirror sort of environment for me.

His receptionist didn't speak english very well, but other people in the office did fine. She weighed me and started at 130 pounds, which is probably OK for her 5'6" male patients. She kept moving the weight up 10 pounds at a time even though I said, "No, it'll be over 200." She made an audible gasp/giggle at about 180 when it was still too low and had to get the doctor. "Oh, big fat white people!" Nothing like feeling like a sideshow freak at the doctor's office. It was a total Ron Perlman in City of Lost Children experience. I'm surprised the doctor didn't need a chair to look at my height.

Like I expected him to say, I've got bronchitis and am on an antibiotic. Not sure how contagious I am yet; hope I didn't give it to everyone at Easter yesterday. At least the pills have the easter spirit. They're gigantic and bright neon pink. I'll have to scan them for y'all to see. I also got codeine cough syrup, so be sure to call me at night before I take any.

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Oh wow, I'm flashing back to the 7th grade when I found a Colecovision in a dumpster, and it still worked. It only had the Smurf game with it, but a friend lent me Mr. Do. Oh, the brightly-colored, fruit-tossing fun of it all.

Posted by Jason @ 04/19/2001 01:26 PM PST

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