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04/24/2001 Entry: "Thithters? I don't think tho."

I always thought that Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren were twin sisters. I don't think I'm the only one either. I'm sure that urban legend makes it confusing for the real Advice Sisters. (Note that it's a registered trademark).

Sorry, this is what happens when I read the Sunday paper. I get all memepool and stuff.

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Hey Casey-

I think Ann and Abigail ARE sisters. This business with Abby's daughter helping write the Van Buren column is a recent innovation, I believe. I seem to recall a horrendous-looking made- for-TV movie a couple of years ago starring Wendy Malick as both of them.

Junkheap Memory For Trivia, toujours a votre service.

Posted by Huntington @ 04/25/2001 08:10 AM PST

Ann & Abby ARE twins, but they never wrote together. In fact, they had a long-running fight and competed viciously against one. Now, in their golden years, they have made some peace with one another (they still do not write together).

In contrast, THE ADVICE SISTERS are twins who DO write advice together. After successful, individual careers we decided to team up. Our signature "double-take" (two answers for each question) Q&A is read in more than 41 countries. We are a registered trademark.

If you'd like to know more about us we invite you to visit our official web site at:

Posted by The Advice Sisters @ 04/25/2001 09:43 AM PST

I think these sisters are far better than either of those old girls....their advice is so right and smart. I recommend anyone to go to their site'cause there's a lot there. www.advicesisters.com

Posted by Katie P. @ 04/25/2001 10:23 AM PST

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