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04/27/2001 Entry: "He Delivers."

7511 Missed it by that much. Ah well, I'll have to try for ten thousand. I'd have to claim monogamy, but I like pizza.

Mmm, Pizza.

I also like the concept of East/West, but I admit I can never remember which one is on which coast. Flip=West, RJ=East. I think. Darn! Can't think! Need Pizza.

I also remember watching Pizza Boy ("He delivers!") with someone with whom I used to go out. I didn't like it so much. I think I was hoping for hairy italian guys. But not in my pizza. That'd be, um, gross. How do you get mozzarella out of hair? For that matter how do you get hair out of mozzarella?

Sorry, maybe that was too vivid a visual image.

I still like pizza, though.

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