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05/04/2001 Entry: "Like Water for Chocolate Fudge Ripple"

Are you drinking enough water? How much do you really need?

I found that story at Lotsofco., who really loves his ice cream. Incidentally, my dad and I have a running gag about my grandparents in Shreveport offering us any of, oh, about seven different flavors they had of Blue Bell Ice Cream in their huge storage freezers. Now, it does get a touch warm in Northern Louisiana in August, so we rarely turned it down when it was offered, but it happened enough that to this day we'll joke in our thickest, slowest drawl: "Y'all wah-ant some Blue Bay-yell?"

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Lies! All damn lies! Without my daily gallon of water, my body would dry up into a pile of ash and... oooh! Gotta go to the head!

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 05/04/2001 07:45 PM PST

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