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05/07/2001 Entry: "You are what you eat."

Jason has been giving vegetarianism a try. Good for him; I hope it fits. For me, it's been a long "phase": about 12 years or so, now.

I try not to be too ardent a vegetarian: I try not to comment on other people's food, even if it grosses me out, because that's my trip, not theirs. (Like the odor of reheated cooked beef from my cow-orker's offices...pheu!) I try to stay fairly strict but have small conscious lapses, as well as all the places where meat products are snuck into food without me knowing. (That still angers me, sometimes. Why is there beef fat in my doughnuts?) I think there are as many good reasons to become a veggie as there are bad ones. The important part is to know why you're eating what you're eating.

Then again I also wear leather, so what do I know...

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