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05/09/2001 Entry: "Conversational Multiplication."

Discussion of the 70's leatherman Hanky code, as recently seen on Further Tales of the City.


How to prepare for a Goth party, including instant makeovers and haircare tips.


Goth Hanky Codes.

EXTRA CREDIT ANSWER: If you exchange "Goth" for "Christian", however, you get this. It's so wrong, it's right.

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ooo, serendipitous, simultaneous memes!


haven't seen "Further Tales" yet ... hankies must be "in" this season, i guess ...

Posted by jonno @ 05/11/2001 08:31 AM PST

I suppose. I haven't seen "Further Tales" either, but since it came up in conversation, I did some surfing...

If I can dig it up, I'll see if I can find and post the list of "alternative" hanky items my friends and I came up with in college.

Posted by Casey @ 05/11/2001 02:02 PM PST

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