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05/11/2001 Entry: "I sunk San Francisco!"

Playlist for Someone Razing the City of San Francisco and Sinking It Into the Ocean:

"Everyday is like Sunday" - Morrissey (Maybe. It's a little too weak.)
"Hell of a Town" - Joe Jackson (Even if it's really about New York.)
"White City" - Thomas Dolby
"Ænema" - Tool (Even if it's really about LA.)
"Cities in Dust" - Siouxsie and the Banshees (Even if it's really about Pompeii.)
"Anti-Everything" - Breakbeat Era
"City's Burning" - Heart
"Firestarter" - Prodigy
"Burn" - Nine Inch Nails

Any other suggestions?

Replies: 4 comments

How about "This Town" by the Go-Go's, even though it, too, is about L.A.?

Posted by Huntington @ 05/11/2001 05:12 PM PST

"Enola Gay", OMD
"After the Revolution", Pulp
"The Party's Over", Willie Nelson
"Thin Line Between Love and Hate", The Pretenders
"Army of Me", Björk
"Burning Down the House", Talking Heads
"This Corosion", Sisters of Mercy
"Cortigani, vil razza donata", Rigoleto
"Disco Inferno", Tina Turner

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 05/11/2001 05:32 PM PST

I don't know the song, Huntington, so hard to tell. And some good options, but not quite right for this playlist; some of them are a little too personal to destroy a whole city by.Of course you picked the Tina Turner version....you...perky person, you! ;-)

Think Invader Zim in a giant battle robot. "I put the fires out!" "You made them worse!"

Posted by Casey @ 05/12/2001 10:56 AM PST

Oh, OK, I get the concept. My heavy-metalloid secret self ("Don't bitch; we coulda brought the Trans Am") is inspired:

"Burn (The Roof Is On Fire)" Bloodhound Gang
"Another One Bites The Dust" Queen
"Running With The Devil" Van Halen
"Armageddon It" Def Leppard
and Metallica has an album called "Kill 'Em All" which, while I've never heard it, must have something apropos.

Posted by Huntington @ 05/15/2001 10:21 AM PST

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