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05/17/2001 Entry: "Comic Coincidence."

Interesting. I've been reading Scott McCloud's Redefining Comics lately, in which he talks a lot about the mechanics and history of the modern US comics industry. Interesting reading. Then I saw at memepool that Marvel Comics has ended its relationship with the Comic Code Authority, the fifty-year-old organization that marks comics as "safe" for children (but also "sanitized" for adults.) I'm not necessarily against warning labels for adult content, which is where Marvel appears to be heading. Historically, non-CCA-approved comics have had a much harder time getting on retailers shelves. So this is a big move in the direction of opening up retailer's shelves for more sophisticated sequential art/graphic novels. Get more info at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Oh, and something about some Wolverine guy. I dunno; I was never big into superhero comics, myself.

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