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05/18/2001 Entry: "Should I be scared?"

Here's something to do Saturday night. The Second Annual Bohemian Arts Ball at Jezebel's Joint (coincidentally the new location for the local goth club Shrine of Lilith.) Friends of mine who do some odd television will be performing/appearing there. It's at Larkin and Turk, one of the more...colorful neighborhoods late at night. Cabs stop there, don't they?

All this club talk...you'd think I actually leave the house, wouldn't you? Well, gods bless my friend Aaron for continuing to invite me to things even though I never show up at them. One of these times I'll surprise him....

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"One of these times I'll surprise him..."


Oh, sorry. That's not supportive is it?

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 05/18/2001 08:22 PM PST

Hush, you...

Posted by The Management @ 05/18/2001 10:22 PM PST

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