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06/06/2001 Entry: "Do certain words catch your ear?"

I've noted to friends before that certain words tend to pop out of other people's conversations. Not that I was purposefully listening in, mind you...in fact, I may have been concentrating on NOT hearing the conversation. But certain not-uncommon words sound louder to my ears and often get my immediate attention: "Lesbian." "Website." (Yes, still.)

Today at lunch, it was "Thousand-Year-Old Nosferatu Bloodlust." Go figure.

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What, you don't hear that often?

Posted by Jason @ 06/11/2001 11:39 AM PST

Well, not in North Beach. I mean, it's mostly a Camarilla town, but...

Posted by Casey @ 06/11/2001 06:24 PM PST

Oh, I get it, it draws all the pretty ones.

Posted by Jason @ 06/12/2001 10:28 AM PST

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