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06/08/2001 Entry: "A Mac Virus?"

A Macfixit reader alerts us to a new AppleScript-based virus: "The virus allegedly masquerades as an email about new Simpsons episodes available on the web. The text will start off as follows: 'Hundreds of Simpsons episodes were just secretly produced and sent out on the internet...the episodes are enclosed on the attachment program...' The attachment is in fact an AppleScript that attempts to mail itself to recipients in the users Outlook/Entourage address book."

The wise suggestion was to not open any attachments from people you don't know. A funny woman on the Mac Mailing list at work replied: "Are you implying that someone who claims to send hundreds of episodes of the Simpsons over email might be lying?"

And color me shocked and amazed, but guess who won a CNET comparison between Mac OSX and Windows 2000?

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