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06/13/2001 Entry: "Art, facing east."

Looking for something to do this weekend and not in San Francisco? Catch the other half of the Pro Arts Gallery Open Studios in the East Bay. We saw a bunch of stuff last weekend, some interesting art glass and ceramics. I even found an $1100 painting that I considered buying. For a minute. I mean, really, where would I put it?

Addendum: If instead you'd rather get a tattoo in Barcelona, es posible a Pro-Arts estudio de tatuaje. Si prefieren ustedes.

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Ick! I think it's worse than the bowl!

Posted by Emperor Norton III @ 06/13/2001 04:46 PM PST

Oh, you noticed the bowl, did you? You showed no indication that you'd even seen it. And that's not the exact painting, either, but it's similar. Then again we all know that your tastes in art (Modigliani and nothing since 1913) are different from mine. Not better or worse, just different.

Posted by Casey @ 06/14/2001 02:06 PM PST

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