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06/15/2001 Entry: "As fond of him as we are."

Very telling reports on the violent protests in Sweden over "President" Bush's visit and the European Union summit. Sweden? Neutral, unoffensive Sweden? Yikes. Even amidst the violence (of Shrub's environmental agenda, that is,) I did get a chuckle from preparations they had to make in Warsaw:

(From AFP story) Polish security agents held a training session earlier this week to practice protecting high-ranking officials from objects thrown by protestors, a favorite tactic of local activists who managed to hit former US president Bill Clinton with an egg during his visit last month.

During a simulated attack with tomatoes on Tuesday, guards leapt to catch the projectiles while others created an anti-missile shield over the intended target with an umbrella, local media reported.

An anti-missle shield? Sort of a Strategic Vegetable Defense Initiative, or "Tomato Wars" as Ronnie would have called it.

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