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06/26/2001 Entry: "Version Hell."

Five people have three different versions of what is supposed to be the same Word document. These are all different than either the version we have on the staging server, or on the live server. These are similar to the versions we have in the development server which are being developed in a new template, but which we know is based on the incorrect version.

Furthermore, the major difference between the Word documents and the HTML documents is the presence of HTML code within the document and corrections to the HTML specifications portions of the document. So the HTML is in the HTML section, but not in the HTML. Except in that version of the document, which does not have the HTML section or the HTML. Did I mention that the HTML documents link to the Word documents which have the HTML inside of them?

If that's all clear I'm going for lunch. The menu today: Lox in Box with Fox in Socks.

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Geez. Godspeed, young developer.

Posted by Jason @ 06/27/2001 09:10 AM PST

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