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06/28/2001 Entry: "Daze of our Lives."

I've had slight insomnia lately, my usual "not-tired, can't-fall-asleep" variety; this morning I got up extra early too, and got ready for work earlier than usual (i.e., before 9AM). But because the power was out yesterday and the clocks got reset, or because I pressed a bunch of buttons on my various time devices to make the bad morning noise stop!, I was completely unable to parse what time it was this morning, though I think only one clock had the wrong time. This sort of mental fog has followed me throughout my day, though, as evidenced by the following:

  • I just used correction tape for the first time; I thought it was neat, rolling the thing on my document like packing tape from a dispenser. I thought to myself, "I wish I made more mistakes so I could use it more often." I'm glad I thought about how that sounded before I said it out loud to someone.
  • It's been a week now since they've rearranged our work mailboxes alphabetically (instead of using the "no particular" order, one of my favorites) and I still reach for the box where my mail was, somewhere in the "L"s. (Memory is a funny thing.)
  • For an earlier paragraph just in this entry, I wrote that the time was out, not the power. Someone forgot to pay the Time bill?

Replies: 2 comments

Kinetic memory lives in a different part of the brain, remember...?

I actually had Them disconnect the Time. We weren't using it, so why pay for it?

Posted by Gen. Knowledge @ 06/29/2001 11:04 AM PST

Well, that part of the brain wasn't working either, General.

Disconnected? Oh, is that why everything keeps happening at once?

Posted by Casey @ 06/29/2001 01:29 PM PST

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