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07/01/2001 Entry: "Cribbed Links."

No connection. Just a bunch of links I meant to post:
· The 2001 Designer's Website Checklist. (Link Via Six Different Ways).
· Gothic Auctions. (Link Via Rebecca Blood).
· Identifont. (Link Via Chromewaves).
· This Stupid Page. (Link Via MiscMinutiae).
· Fabulosa Carmen Maura. (Link Via Living Proof).
· Stop certain cookie-based advertising with Network Advertising. (Link source lost).
· Important Latin Phrases. (Link Via Google).

And what do you think? Is Sister Betty the same Betty of Pansy and Betty? And is either one the Betty from the infamous Miss Uranus contest circa 1991?

[Addendum: Indeed, Betty Pearl (of Betty and Pansy) is the Miss Uranus in question, and there are tasteless photos (only for the brave of heart) from the evening in question as well. None of the above, it should be noted, are at all related to the wonderful singing group Betty.]

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