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07/16/2001 Entry: "The Bubble."

"[Guerilla Queer Bar seeks] an alternative to vapid gay bars by creating a vapid gay bar. In a write-up by one of the founders, it was stated that 'GQB refined the concept of a metabar, where the physical location is less important than the people who occupy it.' It's too bad that these people wouldn't go into any of these bars on their own."

Amen, Camper. Yes, it's certainly easier to go to a new place with people you know. But it's not the bar that makes the experience vapid....

Update, Tuesday AM: Camper rewrote his opinion a little, but the point still stands. I recognise there's an unfair assumption at play here, so I should give the people of GQB the benefit of the doubt--they may not be vapid like the Castro Bar scene they're trying to avoid. I liked the idea of GQB when I first heard it -- no doubt they started with the best intentions. But my world is not a strictly gay ghetto anymore. I don't think I'm the target audience here anymore, so in some ways it's not even my place to criticize. I just hope people get what they think they're getting out of the experience.

Maybe Camper and I should go to one of their events. I'll buy us a couple rounds, Camper, if we can ever get service at the bar.

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Dahling, please! It is always your God-given right to criticise. Especially when it involves the "community".

Posted by French Bitch @ 07/17/2001 10:58 AM PST

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