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07/22/2001 Entry: "Cocktail Talk."

Indeed, Huntington, it's odd timing that Dean mentioned the Sidecar, as my father mentioned it at dinner recently as one of the cocktails he used to drink. I'll have to try it at a better public house near me. It was odd to hear him talk about liquor in the first place. Neither of my parents were particularly heavy drinkers, more likely to have coffee than cocktails and milk with meals than beer or wine.

I'm still trying to find my current cocktail. In school I passed through a bloody Mary phase, which was short-lived because it's usually made too spicy for me--I really just wanted a V8 and Vodka. One of my favorites in Santa Barbara was the Jagermeister and Dr Pepper, which was sickeningly sweet but effective. I moved to the city and went to So What and got wasted on Long Island Iced Teas, which are none-too-subtle and not exactly appropriate for casual drinking. So for many years I've been drinking Gin and Tonics as a sipping drink, which is fine and all, and there's always the 7 and 7, when I have to make a decision quickly and don't want gin. But I've wanted something different lately, so I've been auditioning cocktails to fit.

I tried the Sazerac, which was pretty good, but it's just not me; I couldn't help but think of Chuck the whole time. I'm fond of the Mojito, but it's difficult to find a bar with fresh mint (or a restaurant where the dessert chef will let that much mint off their prep area.) Besides, that'll be a summer fling; come October I'll want something hearty and warming again. I've never liked Cosmopolitans, and yes, it shouldn't bother me but it does that everybody drinks Cosmos these days. I want a cocktail that's set off from the crowd, but not too out of reach for the average bartender, that most importantly I'll actually enjoy.

Maybe I'll just have another coffee, please.

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