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07/26/2001 Entry: "Confused."

I'm definitely running on fumes today. I've sent wrong messages to several people on ICQ so far today, thankfuly nothing embarrassing ("Yip! Yip! Yip!"), but that's nothing. This morning I got off the train and started up the stairs to the station. This is what you would have heard in my head:

"People...in my way...ooh, he's cute...escalator...walkers on the left, standers on the right, people...Hmm, they changed the advertising in the station...turnstyle......move it dork!..phew! What's that smell? Funny odor, must be adhesive from the new ads they put up...the light in here is different too...wait, what's going on?...Wait, I'm at the wrong stop!"

Yeah, I'm running on fumes, all right...

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