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08/06/2001 Entry: "Monday Morning Statements of Fact."

The San Francisco City Hall Passport office is totally uncrowded at 8:30am, so if you have to apply for a passport, keep that in mind.

Yay! After a couple months of looking at the same text phrase, someone at The Brunching Shuttlecocks has finally updated Tina.

I've submitted this site to the Blogdex. I'm not quite sure what it will actually measure as news and "memes" go other than aggregate totals of things. Though it's pretty neat as a content site. And as blog material. (grin)

Actually, a high ranking site on the Blogdex that I wasn't going to link to "because everyone else did" was the Personality Disorder Test, which must be flawed because it said I was low-risk across the board. Someone I spoke to who recently though he was losing his mind (he knows who he is) should try this for shits and giggles.

This opinion piece is best read while eating Ben and Jerry's out of the carton.

One word about this: Ice9.

I've seen a bunch of people do this, so me too. I'm worth $2,179,920.00. Cute, but meaningless. Be sure to give them a spam-ready email address and opt out of their email collection program.

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Wow. The author of that opinion piece is a real sourpuss asshole, isn't sie? I mean, that's not an opinion, that's the upholding of modern American body-fascism. Sie got that from watching tv and regurgitated it. Immediately fascinating is the unspoken subtext that nudity or partial states of undress is solely for sexual purposes or tittilation. Ditto piercing/inking. So laughable.

Anyway, yeah, it's a topic I feel strongly about. :P

Posted by Jason @ 08/07/2001 12:55 AM PST

Indeed, Jason. That's why I recommended the Ben & Jerry's along with it. "Because no one is ever attracted to hairy, larger, balding guys, right?" [rolling eyes]

The author is also editor for the National Journal, whose political lean I don't know, but will probably be further to the right than mine. Like that's hard to do.

Posted by Casey @ 08/08/2001 11:00 AM PST

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