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08/16/2001 Entry: "The List Meme."

I'm a Desperate Joiner. Here's my "list" after Jonno and JDub and Dean and Ron and Mark and Patric and David and Huntington and Blogstalker.... And no offense intended, but let's be honest—answering questionaires is easier than coming up with original content. It's kind of a welcome break today. (Click "more" for my answers.)

I have: A coffee mug in my left hand, a mouse in my right.
I see: A website that's supposed to launch tomorrow.
I hate: trying to work when I really want to be playing.
I miss: the freedom of 1994: working in an espresso bar and prowling the nightclubs and cruisy spots. (I don't miss being poor, however.)
I wonder: how did I get here? (This is not my beautiful house...this is not my beautiful wife...)
I find: that I'm doing a lot of things I swore I'd never do. Some of it I don't mind.
I want: more hours in the day. Peace and Rest.
I regret: that I don't always say what I really think.
I need: to sleep more; to figure out what I really want. To stop procrastinating.
I wish: "Wish in one hand, Shit in the other. See which fills up faster."
I fear: that if I have any talent at all, I've wasted it on nothing.
I hear: the whine of computer fans, the screech of monitors, the woman with the annoying voice who works down the hall.
I love: that man of mine; coffee.
I smell: stale coffee and warm computer parts
I crave: a nap, a real lunch, a vacation.
I feel: sleepy, anxious, burned out, melancholy.

When was the last time you...
Talked to an ex: Early July (at Bingo)
Kissed someone: Sunday afternoon
Were sarcastic: Happens every waking hour of my existance.
Laughed: an hour or two ago (IM with Roommate)
Cried: Actual tears, not just fogging up? Wow. Probably Late February 2000.
Had a nightmare: About two weeks ago.
Danced: I do a little jig in place every once in a while. Otherwise it's been several years.
Smiled: I'm not smiling, I'm baring my teeth.
Bought something? About an hour ago (Coffee)

Last book you read: "Breaking out of Beginning Spanish" (Skimming!)
Last song you heard: Deee-lite "Rubber Lover" (MP3 player)
Last movie you saw: "Shrek" (3 of 5 Stars)
Last thing you had to drink: Depth Charge from the Coffee Roastery
Last time you showered: 8:30 AM today
Last thing you ate: Green onion and Cheddar Scone from Rainbow

Do you...
Smoke: Not anymore.
Do drugs: Not anymore.
Live in the moment: Not really. I'm usually all about "what if's" and sometimes "used-to-be's."
Sleep with stuffed animals: No
Have sex: Yes, please.
Play an instrument: I used to play piano; haven't touched it in years, though
Had a dream that keeps coming back: Yes, a couple of them.
Believe there is life on other planets: Why not?
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? Generally, if I give my word, I try to make that last. And I try to not hurt people I love.
Consider yourself tolerant of others: To a fault.
Have any gay straight normal friends? I think I have one...for contrast.
Read the newspaper? Occasionally.
Remember your first love? Yes.
Still love your first love? No, too bitter.
Believe in miracles: No, just great luck and coincidences.
Have a favorite candy? I can't pick just one, but I love caramel and chocolate together.
Wish on stars? Those are the little lights in the big blue room, right?
Believe in God: He doesn't believe in me, I return the favor.
Believe in magic: I believe we see what we want to see.
Believe in astrology? Generally not; my birth chart, however, describes me really well, which pisses off the skeptical part of me.
Like the taste of alcohol: A little. Depends on the liquor and the mixer.
Hate yourself? Depends on the day; I'm all over the map.
Talk to strangers who IM you: Phasers set to "Ignore"
Have any bad habits: I'm a bundle of nervous tics -- nailbiting, nosepicking, hairpulling. Procrastination. And the Internet.
Like your handwriting: No, but I've grown to love my printing.
Collect anything? Dust. "Found" playing cards. Random memorabilia. I always wanted a collection of skull paraphanalia, but never really got it going.
Have a secret crush? Sorta.
Have any piercings? No.
Have any tattoos: No.
Go to church: Only for Bingo and Weddings.
Have any pets: No, it's in the lease.
Wear hats: Occasionally. I love my top hat, but it gets too much attention to wear much.
Pray: No, I prey instead.
Believe in ghosts: Ooooh, spo-o-o-ooky! Not really.
Care about looks? Just a little. Not enough to join a gym or something.
Believe in Satan: Believe? I live with him.
Believe in witches? Define Witch in this context. I've known lots of "pagan" people of many flavors.
Have a best friend: Claro que si.

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OF COURSE answering questionaires is easier than coming up with original content ... that was the whole point of the meme!


Posted by j-O @ 08/21/2001 10:39 AM PST

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