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08/18/2001 Entry: "Devils, Angels, Songbirds, Spirits."

For no apparant reason, religious thoughts this morning afternoon:

Jason is mistaken for a Satanist. Happens to me every time I wear my Sigil of the Gateway shirt. For the record, I like the Church of Satan's take on glorification of the self, personal freedom and disrespect for willful ignorance or blind faith. But I wouldn't want to be one. Between their reputation, church politics (which are not unique to any church), their approval of vengeance, as well as some less formed opinions on their tacit support of Christianity, and the fundamental usage of "ritual" (like Catholic Transubstantiation or other Magicks)...we're just not the best fit. But I'm sure they're all nice people! (Waves to the CoS folks!)

The Ortolan is a small songbird which in France was traditionally eaten whole with a napkin over one's head to savor the aromas, but I like the suggestion that it is "so that God cannot see [one]" commiting this barbaric act. (The bird is a protected species, so hunting it is illegal.) You can hear a great story about the bird and dish in the second act of the Poultry Slam episode (Requires RealAudio) of This American Life.

As an aside, the roommate asked me why I answered that great coincidence and luck were different than a miracle. Hard to believe in Divine Intervention if you don't accept a Divinity as well.

But in contrast to my normally skeptical nature, I've always found resonance in Voodoo/Vodun traditions. Sure, as a vegetarian I'm a bit conflicted about animal sacrifice, (which can be avoided in some traditions) but then the Vodun are not unique in their ritual use of animals either. And how is any of this any worse than eating a tiny songbird? (Interesting to note this page on Gay people in Vodou.)

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re: ortolan...

rent gigi... there's a great scene where she's being taught to eat one... lots of crunching... hee hee... (if we took the bones out, it wouldn't be crunchy, now would it!?)

Posted by moi @ 08/20/2001 10:00 AM PST

I'll have to see that. Ugh! ("Constable Clitoris just 'et one of those!")

Posted by Casey @ 08/20/2001 03:35 PM PST

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