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08/20/2001 Entry: "Hold music: Fuming in G Minor."

"Thank you for holding...the next available customer service representative will assist as soon as possible. We apologize for the delay and look forward to assisting you."

No you don't. We spent four hours yesterday looking at and deciding on a hotel that you said was available. Grrrr. Maybe I should just go ahead and book the expensive option instead of trying to find a cheaper hotel. Any recommendations on a better site to use in my search for hotels?

Oh, wait, was I supposed to be working here at work today? I was already late this morning (hopefully) taking care of my passport application. Whoops! Time for lunch.

Addendum: In fact we've made a decision, but between the interesting-but-painful-to-use website navigation and the fact that they only have a brochure en Castellano I hope I made reservations at the right place.

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