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09/11/2001 Entry: "I'm Totally Gobsmacked."

So maybe today isn't the best day to take a flight out of the country. Even if we can leave today, would I want to?

I'm flabbergasted. Watching New York City bloggers who I read give their perspectives on the disaster (and check in to say hello): Sparky, Choire, Andy, Bertie.

Trip Update: British Airways this morning seemed to think our flight could leave tomorrow morning at 9AM from SFO. I'm not counting on it. They now report that no US flights will occur tomorrow either. We had been discussing whether or not to take the flight if it was available or to reschedule our vacation. It looks now to be the latter, since, speaking strictly pragmatically, we've already lost several days of it to begin with.

Of course, in the face of the disaster in NYC and Arlington, this seems totally shallow and superficial of me. "They've ruined my vacation! Waaah!" But would you get on a plane tomorrow? The Boyfriend and I talked about; I still don't think we've completely decided. This is the very heart of terrorism—to control a people through tactics of fear. Not taking a flight because of a terrorist attack is cowardly in its face; to take the flight, though, is stupidity.

Freedom is a scary thing
Not many people really want it.

  —Laurie Anderson, "Statue of Liberty"

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