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10/08/2001 Entry: "Light Trauma."

At least the lights are on now. I had to set up a couple of computers in the dark earlier. The company has moved to a new corporate office, which is still partly under construction. My office has no outside window now, so the only light I had was filtering in from the hallway, as we were forbidden to bring either the company issued desklamps or the floorlamps many of us bought to replace the overhead flurescents. Of course, it now seems that the lights do not turn off, only down to medium-bright. This does not make me happy either.

The new office is smaller than my old one. My bookcase didn't come with because it was "wood" (i.e., the back panel was a piece of cardboard.) was delivered to the wrong office. The two tables in my office are different heights and do not meet, so my keyboard is precariously balanced in the 4" gap between. We still do not have voicemail.

And our offices are amongst Sales people. I work among the enemy now.

Can I go home yet?

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Oh baby, I'm so sorry...

Posted by Jason @ 10/09/2001 09:13 PM PST

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