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10/11/2001 Entry: "Coming out of the Darkness."

So after two days of complaining about how bright my office is, today Karma worked overtime to make sure that my lights don't work at all. No amount of waving at the motion sensor or hitting the switch has worked. Actually I rather like it, but I'm sure one of the other people in the offices on this row will complain and have it fixed.

I seem to have missed our company's queer employee group lunch outing in celebration of National Coming Out Day. While I'd like to hang out with the other queer people in our company, I also don't usually eat lunch until 2pm or so. And I'm nothing if not a slave to my schedule.

I'm also not really feeling very well; I'm feeling a little flu-ish. ("Are you Flu-ish? You don't look flu-ish.") And that's never conducive to being social. But I will add that as an admitted hypochondriac, the whole Anthrax scare is wonderful fodder for some wonderfully dark fantasies. (Cough.)

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Well, I suppose it's a good thing that you can work in the dark. That's probably better than being able to cook in the dark, huh?

Posted by David @ 10/11/2001 01:58 PM PST

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