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10/11/2001 Entry: "Light Headed."

Our New Lightswitches
Either I'm a ditz or our lights are just poorly designed.

So I sat in the dark all morning because the lights were "broken." And I've complained for three days about the lights in my office which don't turn off. Well, I accidently brushed the panel (see diagram at right) with an upwards movement, and a small ridged area slid up. The lights came on with a soft click.

So the big rocker switch controls the low/high setting of the lights. The large motion sensor automatically shuts off the lights if it detects no movement (like just now, while I was sitting behind my monitor out of it's "view.") And the little slider beneath the blinking light barely moves and has no obvious track. Where's Don Norman when you need him?

Forget it. Tomorrow, I'm bringing in desk lamps.

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Oh, geez, you have one of *those.* Any light switch you have to fiddle with to understand is not worth it.

Posted by Jason @ 10/12/2001 12:02 AM PST

In my friend's building, the lights were set on a 30-minute motion-detector timer. No motion, no lights. Howard's in a wheelchair. Every 30 minutes he'd have to roll around the room to get the lights back on.

Posted by Jill Matrix @ 10/18/2001 04:36 PM PST

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