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10/13/2001 Entry: "Still Eating in Oakland."

After Philo teased me (good-naturedly) about it at the Bay Gay Blogmeet, I've been trying to keep the "Recently Consumed" spot on the left updated. I admit vanity was a part of it's demise; I'm a little embarrassed that books don't appear as often as I'd like, so most of what's up there are restaurants and bars. Not only am I a fat lush, but I don't read enough, either. Tonight I've added the tiki bar we went to for drinks this evening for a coworker's thirtieth birthday. (Ah, to be young again...I'm only 30 for a few more days.)

Anyway, I only bring this up because I think The Roommate and I are heading out the door for the The Hole In the Wall Saloon to try and beef up the list some more. I've not been there since...(thinks about it)...three years ago? Wow. But we both have to finish our journal and weblog entries first. This makes us geeks, doesn't it? I was afraid of that.

So maybe I'm not reading great literature. At least I'm leaving the house. You gotta start someplace.

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We did manage to make it. And, as you can tell by his copious comments, we had a great time. Wish you all were there! ;)

Posted by David @ 10/15/2001 10:38 AM PST

I turned 31 on the 7th, it's not so bad.

Posted by Katrina @ 10/16/2001 03:59 PM PST

I'm not thinking it's going to be much different than 30 has been, no...

Posted by Casey @ 10/16/2001 05:47 PM PST

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