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10/28/2001 Entry: "Dinner and a Movie."

The Boyfriend and I went on a traditional Movie and Dinner date last night. Dinner was at the highly-praised Globe Restaurant. It was OK, but we weren't impressed; and as a vegetarian my only choice was their housemade pasta, which while in a tasty tomato sauce was especially gluey. Were we served bad food, or am I just not familiar with the way fresh pasta is supposed to be?

I then discovered one of the hazards of ordering movie tickets online: I had left my Visa card in front of my computer at home. Oops. No, we didn't end up washing dishes, but it did mean I had to buy another pair of movie tickets. Duh.

At least the movie, Waking Life, was really good. If you've ever worked in Flash and have imported images, you'll immediately recognise the animation style. Like Richard Linklater's first movie Slacker, the film narrative is minimal and chaotic, but the philosophical monologues of being and consciousness are really interesting. I'd recommend it (particularly if you're one who enjoys Wraith or Mage or other more esoteric/philosophical Role Playing games.)

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Waking life is a little too overthought -- relatively shallow (in my opinion) philosophic monologues strung together without a plot does not make a good movie. The animation was good -- gimmicky to be sure -- but an interesting experiment. I found it, however, painful at times.

Posted by Colin Davis @ 10/29/2001 09:08 AM PST

A fair assessment. I might argue that the monologues weren't necessarily shallow, but because we never stay in one place very long, they end up being somewhat superficial. We get a germ of an idea, and we move on. The Boyfriend said it well: he'd miss part of the next scene because he'd taken a idea just presented and was expanding on it in his head.

Posted by Casey @ 10/29/2001 10:42 AM PST

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