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10/31/2001 Entry: "Sing This Corrosion to me..."

Hey kids! Let's play Gother than Thou, the world's most pretentious card came! On the other hand, people might be tired from playing the real life version.

(SFBG link from the Roommate.)

Replies: 3 comments

Gother Than Thou! I've seen it, haven't yet played it. Is it any good, do you know?

Posted by Jason @ 11/01/2001 01:14 PM PST

No, never played it; I just liked the name. It looks more clever than anything. the card names are a riot: "Fun With Eyeliner," "Tinfoil on the Windows," "Disturbing German Accent," "Crying Yourself to Sleep," and of course "Boots!!"

Posted by Casey @ 11/01/2001 03:04 PM PST

hilarious. why didn't they take that extra step and go overboard by delcaring "Every Day Is Halloween" as the quintessetial goth song? my black light is off to you, sir.

Posted by aaron @ 11/07/2001 10:37 AM PST

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