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11/07/2001 Entry: "Words maketh the man?"

I find it interesting that Aaron, who I met in person at the Blogmeet in September, seemed to remember me with blue-black dyed hair. I've had the same dark brown hair since I was pretty small. (I was slow in the hair department as an infant, and the hair that grew first was blonde, like my mother's.)

It's interesting to me that the way one writes—the topics one discusses, the words one chooses—can actually affect they way a reader sees an author, particuarly if one has seen the writer in person. I know I "see" certain writers and online journal-keepers and have been surprised when I finally saw their actual appearance. I'd also be interested to know what other someone who's never seen a picture of me but has only read my words thinks I look like.

And as far as dyed hair, I only tried coloring my hair once, which was kind of a disaster. But it could still happen.

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In the same way that I agree that you are the type who seems to have been born in a pair of Doc Martens and some pretty extreme eyeliner, you just seem like the type who would have had lots of adventures with hair color. You have always had a certain air about you...

Posted by Huntington @ 11/09/2001 07:51 PM PST

and I remember you as 7 feet tall and you wore a cape. you were late but I don't remember you walking up, I think you flew in.

Casey, I'm sorry, by blue-black, I meant more figurative than literal. Huntington picked up on my vibe perfectly, I would have thought adventures in hair dying would not be new to you.

blue-black, nope. I remember us as having very similar Scot-Irish coloring, dark hair/pale skin. Very Kyle McLachlan, us two.

sorry for the confusion.

Posted by aaron @ 11/10/2001 03:27 AM PST

Ah, I understand, even if I was metaphor-challenged at the time I wrote this. But I still find it interesting when anyone sees through my mortal seeming. :-)

Posted by Casey @ 11/10/2001 04:03 PM PST

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