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12/04/2001 Entry: "Christmas with the Devil."

Well, if Our Dark Lord Satan isn't welcome here, then maybe He should go to Scotland for Christmas.
(Links via Nancy and Chuck, respectively.)

My favorite part of the Florida Town story: "Town Clerk Sally McCranie, who signed the proclamation, offered another observation: Kids in town, she said, have taken to dressing in all black and painting their faces white, a style known as Goth." I thought that was a style known as mime myself.

(Bonus Link for Evil Goths: The "Real" Goth FAQ. Ouch!)

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The mayor was a simpleton and it is a wonder that such a person could get to be mayor.

Clear-cut stupidity and utter nonsense from the Inglis mayor.

Posted by KS Tan @ 12/06/2001 04:58 AM PST

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