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12/06/2001 Entry: "Honey, have you seen my socks?"

My sense of humor has regressed back to age fourteen right now. I've been cracking myself up all day with the word balls. I can hardly wait for Bingo tonight because they've replaced their old wire bingo cage with a modern machine. So they no longer need someone to be the ball puller (ouch!) because now they have a ball blower (aaah!). I can only imagine the depths of innuendo that we are in store for this evening.

Consequently, when Jessie started talking about getting some syrupy Indian balls, I nearly peed myself.

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Semirelated is how last night I once again heard someone use the word "tits" to describe something as being high quality. "Oh yeah, it's tits!" Eep.

Posted by Jason @ 12/07/2001 09:45 AM PST

So I guess when I purchased one of the Nuns' balls for charity, you must have really lost it. Thanks for dropping by the website and leaving a link this way.

Posted by Huw @ 12/11/2001 03:55 PM PST

Yeah...I really wanted one of the Sisters' balls, but poor Sister Chastity had no balls left by the time she got to me, what with everybody grabbing them so fast!

(Translation for the rest of you: The Sister's new bingo set had extra numbered balls which they don't use. The Sisters sold those for $5 each and donated the money to The AIDS Emergency Fund Christmas dinner for persons with AIDS.)

Posted by Casey @ 12/11/2001 05:21 PM PST

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