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12/11/2001 Entry: "Not exactly Stream of Consciousness."

More like "Trickle of consciousness." A variety of things from this past week that just never became enough for a blog entry by themselves:

• I always confuse synecdoche and metonymy. Don't you?

• That's just wrong. I got email from an executive at our company who put "SVP" (Senior Vice President) in the name field of their email, like it was a title or an honorific. From now on my outgoing mail will say "HRM (His Royal Majesty) Casey."

• I just misread something in Bill's Roadtrip post that made me wonder for a second: The Abercrombie Snowman. Then again I think Abercrombie is pretty abominable, so maybe I'm not far off.

• Why didn't anyone point me at the Quote File Index before? You people are holding out on me.

• My boss took my stapler because she needed one. Instead of asking for it back I went and got another from the mailroom solely to avoid the inevitable Office Space reference. "I believe you have my stapler...."

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I always got synechdoche and metonymy mixed up, and I was in classics (so I was supposed to know). I seem to remember some Foucault-type critic always going off on Metaphor and Metonym, which never helped matters.

Posted by Bill @ 12/11/2001 05:57 PM PST

perhaps this senior vice president actually meant "s'il vous plait"... =)

Posted by vera carp @ 12/12/2001 10:25 AM PST

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