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12/17/2001 Entry: "How did it get to be Five already?"

I realize that in all the excitement this past week, I completely forgot to note my diary's 2nd year anniversary. Whoops. And instead of doing some of the Big Blue Room things I have to do this week, I bought Christmas presents online and fixed my shredder instead. Oops. At least they were things on my to-do list.

Can I distract you instead with the Japanese Pizza Page? I mentioned to the Boyfriend some of the unusual gourmet choices in the recent Japanese pizza restaurant boom. Corn on everything? OK. Clams and prawns, not so much, but I've seen it. How about Corn, Clams, Calimari and Mayonnaise? Or Creamy Apple dessert pizza? On second thought, that might be good. And I thought Indian Pizza was an odd idea before I tried it.

Oh, and Boyfriend, here's some more info about the party above our heads when we went to dinner last week. They're having a New Year's Eve event if you want to go and dance to entirely out of rhythm with the music. I only know because the people who make Cool Neon are doing some of the decorations.

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