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01/11/2002 Entry: "Hey look! Booths!"

When I was a teenager, I'd sometimes get invited to come up to Moscone Center with my friend's dad (who worked for IBM, I think) and we'd go to PC world. I loved coming home with a bag full of tchotchkes and spec sheets, which was like proto-geek, technological masturbation fodder at the time.

So I finally I made it over to MacWorld Expo today. I still love coming back home with a bag of promo materials and crap. But now I find my design eye critiquing the printed graphics and checking out booth layouts. Which is a different kind of geek fodder altogether.

As I suspected...the iMac is better-looking in person than I first thought from its photos. The base (which is bigger than I thought) and the monitor (which is less bulky than I thought) work pretty well together, visually. My friend wanted to know about the monitor...yes, it's sharper than your old iMac, but it's still going to feel tiny compared to your monitor at the design studio.

I wonder if my fellow booth wanderer will enjoy bossing his virtual people around as much as I will. If so I'll have to load him up with some new furniture and stuff (because, boy howdy, do I have plenty.)

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"Look, a bench," said The Simpson's Selma. "Shut kids and drink the water."

Posted by aaron @ 01/13/2002 11:25 AM PST

yeah... i figured it would be... but thanks for the looking-out! xoxo

Posted by moi @ 01/15/2002 02:02 PM PST

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