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01/28/2002 Entry: "Whacked Further."

Googlewhack update: Gary Stock found me (and Richard in the previous entry and added us to their list of GoogleWhack definitions.

I've only found a couple more since: perfidious defibrillator (1,789,920,000: "What do untrustworthy paramedics use?") and the low scoring but topical ultramundane lockjaw (53,935,000; "What happens when something mysterious and supernatural steps on a rusty nail?")

Real content coming RSN, I swear.

Even More Whacking: January 29th
I really ought to move all this to it's own page. Three more, with many thanks to the ingenious GoogleWhacker 74 Zillion...

Replies: 3 comments

mongoloid icecap, rubbish score, but the north pole's got a chromosome too many

Posted by Mick @ 02/05/2002 02:42 AM PST

stranded chicken.
i came up with 945760000000 points.
but the first time i looked it up, i got more... *sigh*

Posted by Pyros @ 02/06/2002 06:35 PM PST

Sorry, Pyros, I think that's what Gary'd call a "GoogleThud." It only works if you search for the phrase in quotes. If you search without them, it finds 22,500 documents. And Mick, yours came up with 8 results for me, but I'm checking a couple days later. YMMV.

Posted by Casey @ 02/06/2002 07:10 PM PST

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