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02/01/2002 Entry: "Premature Gothliness."

I'm not normally so over-excitable over events, especially ones I don't intend to attend. But apparantly I was so excited to find the San Francisco Proposal Site for Convergence 8 that I immediately started writing an entry about it. Thankfully, before I posted it, I surfed around and discovered that the event this summer was actually going to be held in Montreal instead. Wouldn't it have been embarrassing if I told everyone I almost did that! Ha ha! Oops, I just did!

Like I mentioned, I probably wouldn't go to anything even if it was here. I don't really know a lot of goths (besides my favorite two, of course.) You'd think, being sort-of-a-Goth myself (at least a Person in Black), and being kind of obsessively connected to the Internet, that I would have at least spent more time on alt.gothic or such by now, but I don't spend a heck of a lot of time in newsgroups that don't specialize in (ahem) binaries.

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