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02/14/2002 Entry: "A Touch of V.D."

What does love feel like? I suppose if you want a second opinion, you can ask Klaus. (2.5mb MP3)

Am I going to be scared of Le Crewe Restaurant tonight? OK, maybe the question is, how scared will I be? I decided since we did nothing for "Fat Tuesday" that we might as well celebrate "Big-Boned Thursday" or something.

Remember, if you're eating out for Valentine's Day, you're standing in the middle of someone else's work hell. Be nice to your server and you'll get good service in return.

Special VD greetings to Aaron, who not only sent me an actual paper valentine, but also inspired a googlewhack in a recent post: Quintessential Hydrocracking (1,018,490,000).

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happy belated v-day!!!

(um, is it me, or doesn't the KLAUS link work?)

Posted by bj @ 02/15/2002 08:45 AM PST

Whoops. Should work now. "Tee-hee! I kin wrtie good code, I is a smart posterer!"

Posted by Casey @ 02/15/2002 09:49 AM PST

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