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02/19/2002 Entry: "Getting Behind in my Work."

The news story about the Georgia Crematorium, perhaps not surprisingly, fascinates me in a totally macabre way. I can feel for the crematory operator, in a way...I'm way too familiar with that sinking feeling you get when your work has started to pile up around you and you know that there's no way you can ever catch up. Of course, my work generally doesn't involve human remains and grieving relatives, so maybe that's not exactly a fair comparison, either.

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i read that too, and was fascinated and repulsed all at the same time. i mean, something sick in me wanted to see photos of the piles of skeletons out in the back of the business. i mean, surreal!

Posted by pj @ 02/19/2002 07:36 PM PST

i guess i'm not following the story closely enough, but why is it easier to pile up bodies all over a large plot of land rather than just stick 'em in an oven and be rid of them?

Posted by bj @ 02/21/2002 05:34 AM PST

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