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03/14/2002 Entry: "Three Point One Four One Five Nine Two Six Five Three Five..."

See how crazy-busy I am? I nearly missed National Pi Day! Need help remembering our irrational friend to useless levels of precision? Try this:

I even I
Would celebrate
In rhymes unapt
The great immortal Syracusan
Rivaled nevermore
Who in his wondrous lore
Passed on before
Gave men his guidance
How to circles mensurate

And I may have linked to it before, but this poem still amazes me.

You can probably guess what I'm having for dessert tonight.

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Posted by David @ 03/15/2002 01:12 PM PST

Ok, so I didn't have Pi(e). At least they were round cookies...

Posted by Casey @ 03/15/2002 05:44 PM PST


Posted by David @ 03/16/2002 10:09 AM PST

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