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04/20/2002 Entry: "Where are your priorities?"

After a 12 hour day yesterday (and I'm still not finished with the presentation for the 10:30 Monday meeting) I'm left wondering what I'm doing—why I'm still chasing dollars so hard, when I know they don't satisfy me. And coincidentally, in the Morning Fix, Mark Morford started my day with this simple but extremely well-written revelation: we work way, way too much.

Well, the decision is made for me that if I'm going to ruin a day this weekend by going back to the office, it'll have to be tomorrow. While I still need to flee my neighborhood and it's thumpy How Weird Street Fair (Thumpy Techno a block away + headache from playing Harry Potter far too late into the evening = one irritable worker drone), I need to get a haircut and buy film before The Boyfriend and I go get tickets for the Flying Karamozov Brothers tonight in Berkeley.

In between, I'm not sure if there's a diary entry to be squeezed out or if I've just got Quiddich practice—Madam Hooch says I'm a natural on a broomstick.

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How Weird was on 4/20 as well, a coincidence I'm sure was not overlooked.

Posted by Bill @ 04/22/2002 07:19 AM PST

And to think that I was overjoyed to hear that I got three weeks of vacation this year.

Posted by Jason @ 04/22/2002 09:14 AM PST

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