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04/24/2002 Entry: "The Homoeroticism of Magnum Force."

"Eventually you lose the point, and people just say, 'There goes that guy!' 'Which one?' 'The one who said there was a point.' 'Oh? What was it?' 'I dunno, he just kept talking...'"

One of the greatest things about seeing Robyn Hitchcock live are the stories that he tells between songs. Like his music, it may not always make sense, but it's lovely to listen to. Plus the man can carve a mean pumpkin.

Oh, and someone we met at the show mentioned rumors of a new Soft Boys album in production, which I didn't find online. I saw that last year they rereleased Underwater Moonlight (with extra material too!), an album which has been sorely absent from my record collection. Until I can fetch it from the shop, there's always their live concert recordings in MP3 format.

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