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05/06/2002 Entry: "Blue Monday 88."

Oh, what wonderful stuff in my mailbox! PJ not only sent a copy of the Eurythmics B-sides I'd begged him for, but also his Summer CD compilation! Yay for new music. Thanks, PJ!

It's clear that I'm long overdue for a CD shopping trip. I still need Marc Almond's last release, and should get the latest Imperial Teen so I don't wear out my housemate's copy. I've meant to pick up Gary Numan's "Exile" for a couple years now and never have, and now I find out he's released another album "Pure" in the meantime. Maybe I'll also pick up "Disconnect" by Iris or something by the Cruxshadows. You know, maybe some goth music from this decade? (Have any other suggestions?)

I spent my evening listening to the Perkigoth radio stream, if you couldn't tell. When I realized that the only songs I recognized are from 1991 or before, I started to think that maybe I needed to do something about that. Jeez, when did I turn into such an old bat?

And maybe I should have gone to Death Rock Booty Call last night.

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yer welcome, and i hope you liked the glam drag!

Posted by pj @ 05/06/2002 03:56 PM PST

Hey, so far I'm digging the Perkigoth stream! :) Thanks for clueing me in.

Posted by Jason @ 05/07/2002 09:14 AM PST

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